Pier 1 Credit Card

When you are thinking about getting the Pier 1 Credit Card you are probably just thinking about the rewards more than anything else. Well, if you are someone who shops at Pier 1 very often, we surely understand how you could really see the Pier 1 Credit Card as a huge asset. You would be right to see the Pier 1 Credit Card as an asset if indeed you do often shop their products and are already spending a great deal of money with them. For every dollar you spend you get a point. And for every 200 of them you get a $10 reward that can be used for more purchases. This isn't a bad deal really. As we said before, if you are already shopping here a lot anyway, may as well collect on the free money they are giving away no matter how small.

Small amounts of benefits really add up to much bigger rewards. For example, if you normally spend $1,000 every week or so with Pier 1 anyway, then you are gaining an extra $50 every time you shop that can even be offered as a gift to someone else. Even on your birthday they are offering special gifts which are not something offered by all rewards cards. No matter what the birthday gift would be from them, they are probably subscribing to the way of thinking that says "It's the thought that counts". Not many companies these days are thinking of their customers in this type of way, so this helps them and their Pier 1 Credit Card to stand out.


As a holder of the Pier 1 Credit Card you would also be able to get special previews of upcoming sales or even sales that are for members only which is a pretty sweet thing to do for all of those who are frequent shoppers of Pier 1. These types of perks that they are offering are the types of things that not only help cultivate the relationships with their current customers, it also helps gain notice from people who may have never shopped Pier 1 before and are liking the way they think of their customers. The only biggest concern with all of the great perks and gifting happening with the Pier 1 Credit Card is the concern of their interest rate. Hopefully those who are frequent shoppers of Pier 1 will already be in the habit of just paying their balances so that their accounts continue to gain more points instead of falling victim to the very high interest rate. Also, you need to be aware that even if you aren't a platinum member when you first start the account, you will automatically become one once you have spent $1,000 with your Pier 1 Credit Card. The platinum status of course puts you in for even greater perks and you will of course still need to maintain your account balances as to not get into any trouble with the APR. Suffice it to say that the Pier 1 Credit Card is really a good investment for those who shop Pier 1 more frequently rather than for people who only shop Pier 1 every now and then.